Additional Information

These day camps are a fantastic opportunity for students ages 5-16 years old to have hands on experience with horses! 

We maintain smaller group sizes to enable all riders to have the best learning experience possible. Our camps are split into groups that rotate throughout the day. Campers will complete various activities such as:

* learning to groom and saddle their horse

*horseback riding from 35-45 minutes, 2x a day

*mucking stalls

*learning about anatomy and animal husbandry

*oiling saddles and learning about saddle parts

*learning about ground work and training

*learning to tie knots

*learning to handle miniature horses

Our camps are 9am-3pm. Students will ride more than once each day. They will receive one on one attention from a trained Instructor or Apprentice. 

We do not provide lunch, snacks, or water.

We have horseback riding helmets available. We do not rent boots. 

In order to sign up please send an email to

Please check activity to sign up. 


*Summer Camps 2020: Coming Soon

*Thanksgiving Day Camps: November 25th & 26th---$300 for entire session

*Holiday Camp: December 28th & 29th---$300 for entire session