Girl Scout Troops

Welcome Girls!

We understand how hard Girl Scouts work in order to earn their Cookie Money. That's why we offer a discounted rate to all troops. It is important to the Henderson family to foster the love of horses in people of all ages.


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Event Schedule

Safety Chat


Safety first! All troops will participate in a safety chat prior to beginning their experience. We pride ourselves on keeping our students, and horses, safe.

Barn Tour


All troops will have the opportunity to enjoy a tour of our facility and horses.

Grooming & Saddling


Girls will be separated into pairs of 2-3. They will learn how to properly groom and saddle their own horse.

Group 1


Once their horses are saddled we will split the riders into two groups. Group 1 will begin the riding portion of the experience. All riders will be one on one with an instructor or trained apprentice. Riders will play games on horseback and more!

Group 2


Group 2 will be learning how to take care of their horses. Trained instructors and apprentices will teach them about animal husbandry through cleaning stalls. Afterwards they will learn about anatomy!



Don't worry! All girls will get equal riding time.